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Who pays for the repair of my vehicle?

  • If the damage is the result of an error on your part and you have comprehensive and/or collision damage, then your insurance company will pay for the repair (less your policy’s deductible). You are responsible for paying the deductible amount directly to Brookside Collision.

  • If the damage to your vehicle is a result of the error or negligence of someone else, then their insurance company is responsible for paying the full amount of repair cost.

Can I select the facility that will repair my vehicle?

Yes - the choice is yours. An insurance company may make a recommendation, but they cannot force you to take your vehicle to a facility of their choosing.

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  • Contact the repair facility of your choice for an appointment. They can assist you with towing the vehicle if you cannot drive it to the shop. If you need alternative transportation, ask the shop to set up the rental for you.

  • Contact the insurance company responsible and let them know where the vehicle is and/or where it is going. Ask for a claim number. If the insurance company wants to examine your vehicle at your house or in their claims center, you have the choice of doing this, or you can inform the insurance company where your vehicle will be and they can see the vehicle there.

  • Call the shop and give them the claim number. From this point on, the shop will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your vehicle will be returned to pre-accident condition.

What should I do after an accident?

Frequently Asked Questions for Collision or Auto Body Repair

There are two situations:

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